Halimah Jones

Halimah photo

Halimah is the Treasurer of Hazael Haven.

 Title: Treasurer of Hazael Haven

 E-mail: hjones@hazaelhaven.org

 Halimah Jones BS. ED. has been an educator and teacher in early childhood   education for 32 years, receiving her degree at Temple University. She started out  teaching in private schools throughout Philadelphia. In 2000, she made a career change and became an administrator for various daycares in the Philadelphia area. Halimah’s quest for women and children have shown in most ventures in her life. She was a project manager for the West Philadelphia Momobile, a service that provides support to pregnant women, allowing them to receive prenatal care and resources, as well as their children.

In addition to this role, Halimah was also a board member for Alpha Pregnancy, a Christian organization that serves pregnant woman and children. Alpha Pregnancy encourages pregnant women to keep their babies and provides support to pregnant women until delivery.

In 2003, Halimah became certified as a biblical counselor thru Christian Stronghold Church. With her experience and education, Halimah will be a perfect fit for Hazael Haven. She is a member of Covenant Community Church, and in her free time likes to read, garden, cook and spend time with her grandchildren. Halimah and her husband, John, have been married for 27 years and have a blended family of five adult children.

You can contact her at: hjones@hazaelhaven.org