Intimate partner violence seldom takes a holiday break

A Message from the Director – Intimate partner violence seldom takes a holiday break

“The pressure of celebrating the holidays sometimes causes tempers to flare, energy levels to soar and arguments to ensue, culminating in an explosion of domestic violence and abuse.” — Tanya Young Williams

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two most celebrated and festive holidays on our calendar. Unfortunately, the holidays can spell trouble for some. For all the joy they bring, the holidays can also put others at risk, particularly those involved in an abusive relationship. The reality is studies have shown that intimate partner violence increases during the holidays.

The person who is a batterer – it’s about control, There are certain things that will set them off: Increased pressure around the holidays, when it’s cold outside the kids are inside playing [and] they can’t go outside, there’s not enough money to provide the meal—the toys that you want for the holidays—and those kinds of things, you just really begin to see an increase in family violence. — Lee Ann Fry.

It’s important to watch for the warning signs and share this information with others because victims may be unaware they are in an unhealthy relationship. According to the Pennsylvania Coalition against Domestic Violence, some warning signs to watch for are:

  • Physical violence, verbal abuse
  • Sexual, emotional, psychological pressure
  • Unwanted stalking
  • Financial control, controlling resources like money and credit
  • Insults, name calling, yelling, breaking things
  • Hurting or killing pets
  • Recklessly endangering or scaring the victim
  • Isolating the victim from friends and family members
  • Denying use of vehicles
  • Withholding food and medication
  • What’s new at Hazael Haven — Join a support group
  • Any of these signs can be present in an abusive relationship at any time during the year, not just around the holidays. If you or someone you know is experiencing intimate partner violence, Hazael Haven is here to help.
  • Women in Safe Hands Support Group (W.I.S.H.) It’s a weekly Biblical counseling and book discussion. Join us on Thursdays from 5:15 to 7 pm at a safe and confidential location in West Philadelphia for Hazael Haven’s weekly biblical counseling and book discussion. The meetings are designed to increase your understanding of the issues surrounding healthy relationships and unhealthy relationships. They also provide Biblical context for understanding why you matter to God. To join us, please contact or (610) 674-6435.
  • Thank you corner… Hazael Haven held its first annual Refuge Benefit concert this Fall to benefit the programs of Hazael Haven and support our fundraising drive to purchase a shelter home for women and children. I wish to thank everyone who came, but especially thank Pyro Art Solutions, HH board members, volunteers, artists, musicians who participated in its success. We were able to increase our network of friends and sponsors as well as increase our exposure in the Philadelphia community. Thank you to Shop Rite and Fresh Grocer for your donations and to Stepanie Hillhouse for deliciously catering our banquet.

It’s worth repeating. Hazael Haven could not exist without your much needed and much appreciated tax-deductible donations. We are grateful to those who have made donations to us in the past. We look forward to your continued support and to having new partners join with us.

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Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Jenny Delacruz

Founder and Executive Director 

“To provide a safe haven to women and children who are survivors of domestic violence. To provide biblical counseling (individual and group), and to educate young women and men in order to break the cycle of dating violence.”

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