Spring Newsletter 2016: Sexual Assault-Prevention is Possible



April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. In preparation, we would like to share a brief history as well as some events happening around the city next month.

In the late 1970s, a campaign called “Take Back the Night” worked against the violence women faced while walking home during nighttime hours. Initially, the female-only protests were meant to share information with communities about sexual assaults that occurred within their borders. By the 1980s, these awareness activities had expanded to include all types of violence against women. And only a few years later, these sexual assault awareness activities expanded to include violence against men, and men began to participate in the programs.

By the late 1980s, the National Coalition Against Sexual Assault was interested in selecting a designated time period in which to promote awareness. After an informal poll of sexual assault coalitions, they decided upon a week in April and established the Sexual Assault Awareness Week.

It was not until April of 2001 that the Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) as we know it was celebrated for the first time.

Now, each year, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) works to coordinate SAAM activities across the country and provides resources to help advocates plan and facilitate programs during the month.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2016’s theme is Prevention is Possible. Please visit www.nsvrc.org/saam to learn more.

Prevention is everyone’s responsibility. See how you can do your part here: http://www.nsvrc.org/sites/default/files/saam_2016_prevention-is-possible.pdf

And in Other News…


We would like to introduce our newest board member, Cicely Brooks. Cicely has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Jacksonville State University. She has her real estate license and currently works for Berkshire Hathaway in Bucks County. Having experienced first hand desperate times, Cicely is very passionate about women’s issues. She is interested in empowering women through public policy and economic development.

Cicely is a member of Calvary Chapel in Philadelphia, serving as a greeter and usher on Sundays.

Cicely will be joining our Board with the goal of helping us to obtain a refuge home. She will also be joining in fundraising and other pursuits. You can contact her at: cbrooks@hazaelhaven.org.

Please join Hazael Haven, Inc. in welcoming a new theatrical production in Philadelphia coming April 8-9. Steel Toe is the premier original production written, directed, and produced by Eyes on You, Inc. telling the story of how domestic violence plays a harsh but hopeful generational butterfly effect on one family. Original music. Intense dialogue. Real people with real problems.

Eyes on You, Inc.

Hurry… tickets are selling fast! Buy them here.

We continue to need your aid to continue with our mission. Here is how you can help!

The Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County, Inc is offering a Domestic Violence Healthcare Conference on Tuesday May 17th, 2016 from 8:00 am-3:00 pm. It’s free and open to all healthcare providers. Continental Breakfast & Buffet Lunch Included. To reserve your seat, please email Blake Cohen bcohen@dapdc.org or call 610-565-6272 ext 3118 by: May 3, 2016.

Volunteer positions available:

• Board Members

• PR/Social Media Specialist

• Fundraising Coordinator

• Program Manager

• Volunteer Coordinator

• Videographer

Other Ways To Support Us: 

  • If you shop online, register with Amazon Smile and choose Hazael Haven as your charity organization. By doing this, Amazon will donate a portion of all proceeds for purchases you make to our organization.
  • We also could not exist without your tax-deductible donations. We are grateful to those who have made donations to us in the past and look forward to your continued support. 
  • Our United Way Donor Choice number is 51351. Please consider making a donation today.

For more information or to learn how you can help, please visit us at http://hazaelhaven.org/ or contact us at hazaelhaven@gmail.com.


Diana Galindo

Creative Writer

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Intimate partner violence seldom takes a holiday break

A Message from the Director – Intimate partner violence seldom takes a holiday break

“The pressure of celebrating the holidays sometimes causes tempers to flare, energy levels to soar and arguments to ensue, culminating in an explosion of domestic violence and abuse.” — Tanya Young Williams

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two most celebrated and festive holidays on our calendar. Unfortunately, the holidays can spell trouble for some. For all the joy they bring, the holidays can also put others at risk, particularly those involved in an abusive relationship. The reality is studies have shown that intimate partner violence increases during the holidays.

The person who is a batterer – it’s about control, There are certain things that will set them off: Increased pressure around the holidays, when it’s cold outside the kids are inside playing [and] they can’t go outside, there’s not enough money to provide the meal—the toys that you want for the holidays—and those kinds of things, you just really begin to see an increase in family violence. — Lee Ann Fry.

It’s important to watch for the warning signs and share this information with others because victims may be unaware they are in an unhealthy relationship. According to the Pennsylvania Coalition against Domestic Violence, some warning signs to watch for are:

  • Physical violence, verbal abuse
  • Sexual, emotional, psychological pressure
  • Unwanted stalking
  • Financial control, controlling resources like money and credit
  • Insults, name calling, yelling, breaking things
  • Hurting or killing pets
  • Recklessly endangering or scaring the victim
  • Isolating the victim from friends and family members
  • Denying use of vehicles
  • Withholding food and medication
  • What’s new at Hazael Haven — Join a support group
  • Any of these signs can be present in an abusive relationship at any time during the year, not just around the holidays. If you or someone you know is experiencing intimate partner violence, Hazael Haven is here to help.
  • Women in Safe Hands Support Group (W.I.S.H.) It’s a weekly Biblical counseling and book discussion. Join us on Thursdays from 5:15 to 7 pm at a safe and confidential location in West Philadelphia for Hazael Haven’s weekly biblical counseling and book discussion. The meetings are designed to increase your understanding of the issues surrounding healthy relationships and unhealthy relationships. They also provide Biblical context for understanding why you matter to God. To join us, please contact kwest@hazaelhaven.org or (610) 674-6435.
  • Thank you corner… Hazael Haven held its first annual Refuge Benefit concert this Fall to benefit the programs of Hazael Haven and support our fundraising drive to purchase a shelter home for women and children. I wish to thank everyone who came, but especially thank Pyro Art Solutions, HH board members, volunteers, artists, musicians who participated in its success. We were able to increase our network of friends and sponsors as well as increase our exposure in the Philadelphia community. Thank you to Shop Rite and Fresh Grocer for your donations and to Stepanie Hillhouse for deliciously catering our banquet.

It’s worth repeating. Hazael Haven could not exist without your much needed and much appreciated tax-deductible donations. We are grateful to those who have made donations to us in the past. We look forward to your continued support and to having new partners join with us.

If you shop online, please register with Amazon Smile and choose Hazael Haven as the organization that you’d like to receive a portion of your purchase amount at no extra cost. Join our GOFUNDME campaign to really make us smile. And as always, please pray, volunteer, and spread the word about us. For more information about how you can help, please visit us — http://www.hazaelhaven.com or contact us at hazaelhaven@gmail.com.

Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Jenny Delacruz

Founder and Executive Director 

“To provide a safe haven to women and children who are survivors of domestic violence. To provide biblical counseling (individual and group), and to educate young women and men in order to break the cycle of dating violence.”

Hazael Haven, Inc.

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Message from the Director – A call to reach young men

Penn Football Team

Instead of spending precious time piling our collective guilt on the back of Ray Rice, our time would be better spent providing more resources, like education and counseling for abusers, and safe houses for victims, to help the more than 7 million men and women involved in domestic violence on any given day. Only when domestic violence is treated as a serious public health issue will the cries for help from victims as well as their abusers receive the attention they deserve.” – Carolyn K. Erwin, columinist for the Examiner.com


Domestic violence aka intimate partner violence, usually a silent issue, has once again been brought to the forefront of our lives after the shocking video of Ray Rice knocking his wife unconscious was blasted across our television screens. As painful as it was to see, the media attention on domestic violence helps educate victims as well as the public; and gives us hope that we will someday end this societal illness.

This summer, our volunteers were very busy educating Penn Wood football team through the Coaching Boys to Men Curriculum, preparing for our support groups, and planning for the Refuge Benefit Concert to raise funds for the Safe Refuge Project. This concert and exhibition/mixer will be held on October 25th, 2014 at the First District Plaza, located at 3801 Market Street., in Philadelphia’s University City. For more information on sponsorship packages and how to lend your support contact Ladesha Albury at 610-457-1149.

As Hazael Haven prepares for Domestic Violence Awareness month in October, we are continuing to impact the lives of abused women in the Philadelphia area. One of our interventions involved a woman whose life was threatened by a partner intimidating her with a gun. Fortunately, we were there for her in her time of need and offered her support.

Hazael Haven will be starting confidential support groups beginning this Fall to provide support to the women to encourage and empower them. In light of that, we encourage you to pray and speak up about the reality of intimate partner violence.  Pray also for the needs of our Wish List.


Wish List

Donated Office Space

Volunteers/Interns in the areas: Public Relation Specialist, Writer, Educational Coordinator, Grant Writer, Web Designer, Advocate, and Volunteer Coordinator

Thank you corner…

Special thanks to Derrick Ford, the Pennsylvania Coalition of Domestic Violence, California Pizza Kitchen, and Chili’s for their support! Our summer fundraisers at California Pizza and Chili’s increased our visibility in the community and gave us an opportunity to educate even more people about the reality of domestic violence, and to let them know that help is available. We also want to thank David York and Bijiek Jieknyal who worked together behind the scenes to design and support our website.


We are excited about our new GoFundMe Campaign. Check out (http://www.gofundme.com/ccsa84) to learn more. We are also in partnership with Amazon.  How it works is a portion of your order can be donated to us when you sign up for AmazonSmile and select Hazael Haven.  Thanks to all of you who have donated, especially our partners. To become a partner, simply set up an automatic donation on our secure website.


It’s worth repeating. Hazael Haven could not exist without your much needed and much appreciated tax-deductible donation. We are grateful to those who have made donations to us, and look forward to having new partners join with us. Even if you are unable to make a donation at this time, I urge you to pray, volunteer, and spread the word about us. For more information about how you can help, please visit us at http://www.hazaelhaven.com and do not hesitate to contact us at hazaelhaven@gmail.com. 



Jenny Delacruz

Founder and Executive Director


Hazael Haven, Inc.

P.O. Box 19204

Philadelphia, Pa 19143

(267) 291-4558

 United Way Donor

 Choice #51351

Hazael Haven News

What you don’t know about teen dating violence can hurt you or someone you love

In a 2011 survey on Youth Risk Behavior, the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”) in Atlanta revealed that “9.4 percent of high school students reported being hit, slapped or physically hurt by their boyfriend or girlfriend.”  Few teenage victims of dating violence are willing to talk about it even with their peers. Students at one Philadelphia elementary school may be the exception following a presentation on “Dating Violence 101” by Hazael Haven education coordinators last December.

Male and female students at the William D. Kelley School welcomed an open dialogue to discuss their concerns about dating violence. Hazael Haven education coordinator Brady Goodwin stressed with male students the importance of character and treating their female peers like they would their mothers.

“Dating Violence 101” was so well received by students and staff that we are returning to the Kelly school in February to continue this series, including a discussion on “Human Trafficking 101.” To learn more about teen dating violence, we recommend this publication from the CDC.

Pic for newsletter

 Volunteer Update: We are growing

Hazael Haven is excited to share that the Lord has been answering our prayer regarding volunteers.  Our effort to attract and recruit highly skilled and dedicated persons to help us carry out our mission has resulted in these our newest volunteers joining with us:

Community Educators: Brady Goodwin, Jamila Jefferson, and Raven Wilkerson

Editor: Carolyn Johnson

Accountant: Janaki Narayanswamy

Web Designer:  Bijiek Jieknual

Youth Ambassador: Siani Williams

Grant Writer:  Susan Reagan

Program Manager:  Valerie Bolton

Hazael Haven is grateful for the gifts each brings to our team.

From the Director – Your continuing support is needed

As the New Year begins, we reflect on 2013 and are grateful for your financial support.  Hazael Haven is continuing to raise money for our pilot project, which will provide housing for up to three families for 6 months until they can transition to independent living.  This is a critical need for victims of domestic violence because emergency shelters only provide support for 30 days. In addition to housing, Hazael Haven will provide individual/family counseling, support groups, safety planning, and spiritual support. Our goal is to raise $250,000.

In 2011, 7,000 women and children experiencing domestic violence were turned away from emergency shelter in our city. Last year about 9,000 were turned away. Hazael Haven is dedicated to alleviating this problem in the community with the help of our supporters. Your tax-deductible donation will bring us closer to our goal of providing women and children a safe haven from domestic violence. If you are not able to donate, we urge you to pray, volunteer, and spread the word. One innovative way you can support us is through social media.  If you have any inquiries regarding our organization, our fund management policy, or the project itself, please feel free to contact us at the address given below or at hazaelhaven@gmail.com.

Jenny Delacruz

Founder and Director

Hazael Haven, Inc.

P.O. Box 19204

Philadelphia, Pa 19143

(267) 291-4558


The signs of dating abuse aren’t as noticeable as bruises and beatings. If you are not aware of some of the most common signs of dating abuse, one may think this is the way a boyfriend is supposed to act.

Starting a new relationship is exciting, can be a very happy moment in your life and the start of a new chapter. However, it is very important that you know and learn the signs of an abusive relationship when first starting to date. Below, is a list of signs found in most abusive relationships. If any of these signs happen to show up in your relationship, get help.

1. Constantly Checks In on you – if your boyfriend is a sweetheart and wants to hear about your day at work or school that is absolutely fine. But, if he constantly calls you, wants a full recap or report about your every move and a description of who you have been with, then something is not right.

2. Lies To You – Honesty and trust are two of the most important characteristics to any healthy relationship. If your boyfriend is lying to you regularly and lying to you about important information you feel you should know, that relationship is not worth keeping.

3. Won’t Let You Talk To Other Guys – Remember, you can talk to whoever you want not matter their gender. If your boyfriend becomes suspicious or a little curious, then he should have a mature conversation with you. He may not dictate to you or control your behavior.

4. Loses Temper Quickly and Often – If he snaps on you about the tiniest things and then manipulates you into believing it’s your fault, something is wrong with him not you.

5. Threatens To Hurt Himself – The use of fear is a manipulation tactic. If he tells you “I’m about to drive my car in to a pole,” that is the use of fear and he is playing a game. Threats of any kind should always be taking seriously, so seek help immediately. But you do not have play his games.

For help and more information, visit www.hazaelhaven.com.

Hazael Haven Participates in 2nd Annual #GivingTuesday Campaign

We are proud to announce that Hazael Haven is a partner of #GivingTuesday, a national day of giving that celebrates and encourages activities that support charities and nonprofit organizations. We have a day to give thanks, two days to get good shopping deals and now a day to give back.

On December 3, you will have a 24-hour window in which you can make a donation online to help Hazael Haven provide women and children experiencing domestic violence with housing, individual/family biblical counseling, support groups, safety planning, legal aid, education, employment assistance, and referrals to resources in the community. Hazael Haven is raising money to begin its pilot project.  The pilot project will house families up until 6 months before transitioning to independent living.

Please, remember you can kick off the holiday season of giving by making a difference in lives of woman and children experiencing domestic violence throughout the Philadelphia community this holiday season on #GivingTuesday ( you can donate online by clicking on the #GivingTuesday link).

Every gift counts and helps make a tangible difference!


Reason to Give Thanks

During this Thanksgiving season, we decided to express our appreciation for our volunteer coordinator, Danielle Burnside. Danielle has done an excellent job at recruiting and interviewing candidates to join our team. Danielle has found creative ways to make our organization run smoothly, such as revising our volunteer manual, coordinating effective means of communication, and volunteering at our events to bring awareness to domestic violence. Danielle has a skill and passion for organizing, helping people, and the desire to be an entrepreneur.

Danielle recently started her own business as a Professional Organizer, which focuses on creating organizing solutions and helping people implement those solutions in an effort to bring a sense of calm and order to their everyday lives. Whether it is organizing or volunteering, Danielle enjoys helping people and giving back, which is what led her to volunteer with Hazael Haven, Inc.  She also currently volunteers for the Humane Society of the United States and has completed two terms as an AmeriCorps volunteer.  In addition to volunteering, Danielle enjoys learning new things, talking about politics, traveling, and being an avid Philadelphia sports fan.


Grim Reminder of Domestic Violence

The beating death of Minnesota Vikings football star Adrian Petersen’s two-year old son recently, serves as a grim reminder that domestic violence knows no bounds. This month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Domestic Violence strikes women, men and children alike—whether young or old, rich or poor. Domestic violence is an equal opportunity crime. If someone is hitting you or abusing you verbally and telling you it’s your fault or that you deserve it that is a lie. No one deserves to be mistreated. Love doesn’t hurt. Don’t continue allowing yourself or your children to be victimized.


On October 30th, Hazael Haven is holding a public awareness rally in Philadelphia’s LOVE Park to focus attention on domestic violence and empower victims, victim’s friends and family, and even abusers to get help before it’s too late. Join the rally; it may save your life or that of someone you know.

Get help to get out. Below are some resources where you can find help.


Benefit Concert this July!

We’re hosting a Benefit Concert featuring performances from Leah Smith, Tragic Hero, Stephen the Levite, and Melissa T.

Proceeds go towards funding our transitional living facility, “Safe Haven”!

Mark your calendars and we will see you there!

The Love Misconception


We live in the city of brotherly love, but what does love really mean? We all know that it isn’t quite how Disney portrayed it at the end of Cinderella, when we get to ride off into the sunset with our prince charming. Yet love is not painful, hurtful, distrustful, or violent like many women are lead to believe every day. Between 600,000 and 6 million women are victims of domestic violence each year and some studies suggest that at least 3.3 million children witness some form of domestic violence annually. Domestic violence is not love.

If love is not violent and it is not fairytale- then what is it? We at Hazael Haven believe in God’s definition of love. We believe that “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”( 1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

Love is kind. It is whole. It is fulfilling. It is joyful. One in four women has experienced domestic violence in her lifetime, and we need to stand up for them. We can help them to know they are loved, not like the movies and not with an iron fist, but with real love.

Stand up with us.


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(The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and The National Institute of Justice, Extent, Nature, and Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence, July     2000. The Commonwealth Fund, Health Concerns Across a Woman’s Lifespan: 1998 Survey of Women’s Health, 1999)